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New Limits: Retirement Accounts
09 March 07 08:01 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
(Most Baby Boomers are still contributing to retirement accounts. For those who are no longer working, the distributions may be their primary source of money to live. The source of money impacts their housing and lifestyle goals.) Contribution limits: Read More...
2007 Tax Changes
09 March 07 07:58 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
There are a number of changes in the laws affecting estate, gift, and capital gains taxes. Here's some brief information on the changes. Federal estate tax law amounts --For many over age 50, their home is the largest asset in their estate. The amount Read More...
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2006 - Tax Tips
09 March 07 07:54 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
The April IRS tax filing deadline is looming. Here are some tax tips to pass to clients and to use as you prepare your own returns. - Early mortgage and property tax payments -If you made your January, 2007 mortgage payment before the end of 2006, be Read More...
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