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HECM for Purchase Now Available
30 January 09 09:31 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
As of January 1st, HUD will allow a reverse mortgage to be used as a means to purchase a home. The qualifications are similar to a conventional reverse mortgage in some ways (must be the primary residence, must be over 62, for instance) but also has some Read More...
HUD Increases Loan Limit for Reverse Mortgages and Lowers Lender Fees
01 December 08 01:13 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Washington, DC – (November 7, 2008 ) – National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) formally adopted a new single national loan limit of $417,000 for federally insured Read More...
Boomers' eagerness to retire could cost
26 February 08 03:32 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
As millions of Boomers creep closer to retirement, they question if retirement is even feasible. If Boomers retire too early they risk the reduction of benefits, and their dreams of second homes and long vacations may become more of a fantasy than reality. Read More...
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Baby Boomers On Social Security Video - Cartoon
06 February 08 08:37 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments Read More...
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Phased Retirement
11 December 07 07:56 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
If full retirement is unappealing or isn't financially feasible, perhaps a phased retirement is right for you. The passage of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 made it possible for employers to pay pension benefits to employees age 62 and older who Read More...
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Baby Boomer Women Live with Friends to Fill Emotional, Financial Needs
26 October 07 08:06 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Living with their female friends is a growing trend among baby boomer women, and is expected to intensify as the baby boom generation heads into retirement. According to an AARP survey, almost half of women between the ages of 45 and 59, and a third of Read More...
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The Sandwich Generation
12 October 07 07:53 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
A study by Ameriprise Financial, Money Across Generations, shows that many Boomers are caught between financially helping elderly parents and adult children. Thus, the term "the sandwich generation." Sometimes they open their wallets too easily Read More...
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Baby Boomer Facts - 2007
20 August 07 08:40 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Every day, 10,000 Baby Boomers celebrate their 60th birthday. The 55+ market is the fastest growing market in real estate. The real estate needs of 78 million Boomers are as diverse as they are numerous. Read More...
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Reverse Mortgage Figures 2007
20 August 07 07:58 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
So far this fiscal year, senior homeowners have taken out over 70,000 FHA-based reverse mortgages, a 49% increase from the same period last year ( Read More...
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Some Interesting Facts
10 July 07 02:57 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Large numbers of people aged 85 and older will leave Florida as they outlive their money and move in with adult children. Adult children are statistically guaranteed to take care of their moms longer than those moms ever took care of them. That means Read More...
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Seniors and High-tech
10 July 07 02:43 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
You expect technology to be important to Generation X and Gen Y groups, but seniors value it too. An Internet Home Alliance survey found that Seniors are looking for safe, comfortable, independent living. No shocker there. But some of the items they’re Read More...
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Really Understanding Barriers to Independent Living
11 June 07 06:09 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Everyone’s goal is to live independently for as long as possible, but often the barriers to such an option are a physical environment that doesn’t accommodate sensory, physical, and cognitive disabilities. That’s according to research Read More...
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Save money by knowing when to purchase.
10 June 07 10:40 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Planning to remodel, “stage” for a sale, or furnish a new home, it pays to schedule purchases. Baby Boomer News offers some suggestions for saving money on various household items by waiting to buy during certain sale times. Here are several Read More...
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Boomers Children Not Talking About Future
10 April 07 06:51 AM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
A recent AARP survey found 67 percent of older-generation parents haven’t talked with their boomer-aged children about the parents’ ability to live independently. The group offers boomers the following tips to begin the discussion: -- Talk Read More...
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06 April 07 09:30 PM | Emil Ratti | 0 Comments   
Donna Christner-Lile, a Pleasanton, Calif.-based counselor specializing in elder issues, tapped her experiences in caring for her aging mother in writing her book, Aging In Place: Safely Living in Your "Home Sweet Home" Until You're 100 Read More...
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